The Melcher Agency


Whether you are relocating to the Valley of the Sun or moving within the Valley, the process is fairly similar.

(A) Define your wants and needs.

(B) With over 500 new home subdivisions and over 20,000 homes on the multiple listing service at any given time, we need to narrow the search to one or two areas.

(C) You need to determine your price range. Use the guide lines below to determine what you can borrow. If possible, we need to get you prequalified as it helps in negotiations when buying.

(D) You need to see several homes that meet your needs.

(E) We narrow it down to the best one of two homes.

(F) We prepare a comparable market analysis so you can see what similar homes have sold for.

(G) An offer is prepared and negotiated for you.

(H) After an accepted contract, we help you find the best loan, schedule the home inspections and carefully monitor the transaction to keep it on schedule for a timely closing at the title company.

E-Mail Bill Goodheart, or if you prefer, call (602) 264-7750 or (800) 338-8160 to put you together with the Realtor who could best handle your purchase.

General loan guide lines: Lenders normally want the house payment to be no greater than 28% of the gross monthly income with total payment, including other debt no greater than 35%. Roughly, you can borrow about 2 1/2 times your gross yearly income (i.e. $40,000 gross income could borrow $100,000).